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TEFL in China training is coming!
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Shenzhen: Jan.16 - Jan 22 2011



For many people who have come to China to teach, the door is open wide.  A unique EFL training program is available to help you gain access to better teaching jobs, more stable visa status, and for you to start making traction in your career as a teacher here in China.

TEFL in China

As a training program, TEFL in China consists of 7 consecutive days, each with four 90-minute course sessions, offered by expert trainers who have taught EFL in China successfully for several years.  Topics are focused on classroom management, activities that will activate your students, tips and trouble spots in Chinese institutions, and the technical stuff you will need to know to teach EFL.  Training includes classroom practice, discussion and role-play, quizzes and a final exam.

As a certificate, TEFL in China meets international standards for TEFL certification and can be used outside of China.  A certificate is awarded to each trainee who successfully completes their seven days of training, their classroom practice, and earns at least a 60% score on their final exam.

As an ongoing experience, TEFL in China opens a door to your access to abundant lesson plans and printable materials on-line, along with discussion topics and forums, and even ongoing online training.


In addition to what a most EFL certification programs offer, TEFL in China includes lots of informational points about Chinese culture and some of the peculiar things you'll encounter as you teach Chinese students and work for a Chinese employer.  Before students trust you and tell you their family stories or study pressures, it's good to develop sensitivity for their lifestyle and world-view.  A major component of TEFL in China training is cultural awareness.

Raise the standard!

There are some really great teachers working here in China.  You might be one of them, or you might be well on your way to becoming one—especially with a program like TEFL in China to make the way clear.  With the knowledge and skills you'll develop, you can be confident to make a great first impression on your classes and maintain excellent working relationships here in China.

Sign up now!

Training programs start often.  So you will want to reserve your spot in one that starts soon, and prepare your schedule for an intensive and exciting seven days.



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