Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jul.21 – Jul.27 Shanghai
Aug.8 – Aug.14 Chengdu-i2
Aug.18 – Aug.24 Shanghai
Cool TEFL courses in Shenzhen & Zhuhai this summer!
2011-06-08 11:02:38


Whether you intend to teach in colleges, universities, or one of the various language institutes throughout China, TEFL in China training gives you the preparation you need. The training is committed to excellence in teaching, and active involvement in the English as a Second Language community. TEFL in China training offers leadership training that gives trainees the advantages of a higher job-placement rate and greater income than those who opt for quick certificates.

July 21st   ---- July 27th   Shenzhen

August 27th ----- September 2nd   Zhuhai


Apply on-line: http://tefl.chinajob.com/

Contact:  Monica: +86-10 - 6894 4607, Angie: +86-10 - 8285 0464

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