Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jul.21 – Jul.27 Shanghai
Aug.8 – Aug.14 Chengdu-i2
Aug.18 – Aug.24 Shanghai
TEFL course in Beijing & Guangzhou!
2014-04-29 14:38:56

Did you find a suitable teaching position in China already? If not,why not come to attend our TEFL in China training program.You can get a lot of knowledge about cultural information,how to give good directions in class,how Chinese students think and learn differently. To gain more experience in teaching english in China. Most important,it will become more easier for you to find a suitable position after you finish the TEFL in China training program.

May.13 - May.19   Beijing
Jun.10 - Jun.16   Guangzhou
Apply on-line: http://tefl.chinajob.com/application/apply_online.html

Contact:  Cecilia(May.13–May.19,Beijing): +86-10-68943953
Moninca(Jun.10–Jun.16,Guangzhou): +86-10-68944607

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