Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jul.21 – Jul.27 Shanghai
Aug.8 – Aug.14 Chengdu-i2
Aug.18 – Aug.24 Shanghai
No.7 TEFL in China in Beijing
2010-08-13 16:04:21

6th August, No.7 TEFL in China training kicked off in Beijing. Trainees from UK,Indonesia, Latvia, Syria and Zambia have attended the course. Though it was very hot in Beijing, trainees found it worth coming to the course. Since SAFEA published the announcement recognizing the TEFL in China certification as proof of English teaching ability for foreign people in China, the 7-day intense training has been made more practical and effective. With inspired teaching activities such as games and demonstration class, it offered students an excellent way to broaden their horizons on how to teach English in China. Most of the trainees enjoyed their time at TEFL in China and gained what they need from the course.

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