Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Feb.10 – Feb.16 Chengdu-i2
Feb.12 – Feb.18 Suzhou
Feb.18 – Feb.24 Shanghai
Feb.16 – Feb.22 Beijing-FESCO


Date: July, 2013

Location: Shenzhen

I’m thankful for this opportunity.The trainers were absolutely fantastic and the content was useful.I learned a lot about new methods and teaching styles.

The content and atmosphere in class was so great.It was amazing!The trainers teached us how to communicate with students effectively.I also meet many interesting people in this class.

The trainer was nice,the content was attractive and the classmates were friendly.I am very satisfied with this training.

The structure of the class were well organized.I know there are many things a language teacher can do in a class.I would put what I have learned into practice.

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