Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jul.21 – Jul.27 Shanghai
Aug.8 – Aug.14 Chengdu-i2
Aug.18 – Aug.24 Shanghai


Date: June, 2013

Location: Beijing

It was a very valuable learning experience,Mark was friendly,personable,easy to learn from,he made class relevant.

Overall a very valuable learning experience,I feel more confident as a teacher and I am excited to get back in the classroom and use new material I have learned.

The content was excellent and proceeded at an appropriate pace.The class seemed interested.Mark did an incredible job and was obviously passionare about his work.The location were ideal.

I thought it was good.The hotel and breakfast were nice.The trainer knew what he was talking about and had a ton of in class teaching examples.A week class will probably always feel a bit rushed but we definitely got through a lot of important content.

I liked the practical focus of the course.I would have loved to have more chinese students to practice with.I really enjoyed the course.I feel much more confident entering a classroom now.

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