Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jul.21 – Jul.27 Shanghai
Aug.8 – Aug.14 Chengdu-i2
Aug.18 – Aug.24 Shanghai


Date: October, 2014

Location: Beijing

I enjoyed the TEFL training.It was awesome to meet other foreigners who will be teaching in China and hear their ideas and experience on each of the topics.

I thought everything was ok.The face I got a chance to see everyone in the micro teaching alled me to gather information on how to teach better and more efficient.

Although I have a degree in teaching,there were a lot of aspects that I already knew,but these were still useful.

It was really fun.Teachers are awesome and very professional.

The most useful of the course was having teaching strategies modeled for us and talking about Chinese culture and how we as foreigners should help Chinese students learn.

I really enjoyed learning the different styles of teaching and discussing the differences between western & Eastern learning styles.

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